Olympus VJ-10 Radio Equipped with 37GB of Memory


image_20648_largeimagefile Olympus VJ-10 Radio Equipped with 37GB of MemoryThose guys at Olympus really mean business when they get their hands dirty in the world of clock radios, huh? After all, the futuristic-looking VJ-10 comes with a 37GB hard drive so that you can stash all of your favorite tunes, avoiding the annoying morning deejay if that’s what you prefer. With this much space, Olympus is promising that you can record “2500 hours of programming”, depending on the recording mode.

Based on the design, it appears that the actual radio part with the 3.9-inch screen and speakers can be detached from the base and used as a portable music machine. I can’t say that this functionality is for certain, but it’d certainly add value to an already cool machine. Alas, I don’t anticipate finding this at a North American Best Buy or Circuit City any time soon.

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