Motorola Startac Lives Again, Revived as New Model


image_20661_largeimagefile Motorola Startac Lives Again, Revived as New ModelIf you owned a cell phone in the late 90s, there’s a very good chance that somewhere along the line, you were sporting the Motorola Startac. It was the best selling handset in its era, and Moto is hoping to recapture that nostalgic audience with this revitalization. Go a little retro and take a look at the all-new Motorola Startac III MS900. It may look nostalgic, but it’s got all the latest features (except for an external display and camera).

In terms of goodness, you’ll be treated to a 2-inch QVGA screen, MP3 player, 128MB internal memory, and GPS navigation. There’s also mobile banking, e-book reading, a “biorhythm” function, and a built-in dictionary. Thankfully, Motorola has snubbed that fat ugly antenna of old for the Startac III MS900. No word on pricing, but unfortunately this modern blast from the past is available in Korea only.

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