Fiat Becomes Its Own Drive-in

Fiat Becomes Its Own Drive-in


image_20723_largeimagefile Fiat Becomes Its Own Drive-inFrom Yanko Design and designer Tim Thornton comes a fascinating concept, a car that is its own drive-in movie.

The vehicle is the Fiat 500, and Thornton’s ideas include installing a camera under one of the car’s headlights and a video interface in the dash. That interface would include a camera, a DVD player, and ports for videocameras, laptops, and MP3 players.

That way, you can watch a movie wherever you can find a suitable screen. We might recommend your garage wall or a billboard or something that can accommodate the large picture that will no doubt be emanating from your car’s new third headlight.

This is just a concept, of course, as the number 500 should show. Thornton did win an award at DESIGNBOOM, in the 500 Places category.

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