Geneva Sets the Stage for Exotic Giugiaro Vadho Concept


image_20778_largeimagefile Geneva Sets the Stage for Exotic Giugiaro Vadho ConceptOne thing that many people love (and many people love to hate) about these car shows is that it provides a venue wherein automakers can show off outlandish concept vehicles that may or may not ever make it to production. Giugiaro is set to rush into Geneva with their latest project, the ultra sporty and aerodynamic-looking Vadho hydrogen concept. Yup, not only does it look sleek, it’s got that whole next-generation fuel thing going on too.

It is said that the Vadho was designed to “convey an aerospace theme with its tandem cockpit that could reportedly be set on the right, left or center depending on the country in which it would be driven.” Instead of a regular steering wheel, the Vadho has a pair of joysticks. Oh, and if you’re wondering about that big fat G on the nose, that’s Giugiaro’s new logo.

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