Nokia’s Mobile Gaming Joystick Patent


image_20835_largeimagefile Nokia's Mobile Gaming Joystick PatentMobile gaming is a booming industry, but many people find that using the standard five-way navigator on a cell phone is less than pleasing. Nokia is bringing arcade action to your mobile, it seems, as this patent depicts a stylus being inserted and used as a joystick, rather then a popup style joystick we saw earlier.

When you’re done with your gaming session, just yank that stick out of the hole (more phallic symbol nonsense) and put it back where it belongs until you need it again. The patent depicts a rather bland looking handset, but if Nokia goes ahead and implements such a feature, you can be sure that it’s N-series or nothing. Maybe N-Gage 2? Perhaps they will be using the Varatouch Analog module as well.

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