Eleksen’s Fabric Keyboard is Double-Sided

image_20837_largeimagefile Eleksen's Fabric Keyboard is Double-SidedI’m not entirely sure how useful this would be, but it certainly is an interesting proposition. Eleksen has been all over the fabric keyboard phenomenon right from the start and today they’re doing something a little different by unveiling a unit that is double sided. Like just about every other fabric keyboard out there, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of tactile feedback but it sure makes it convenient that you can roll up the USB-powered keyboard and pack it into the smallest of day bags.

What sets this unit apart, of course, is that it has a different set of keys on each side. On the top side, you have you standard set of QWERTY keys for text entry and the like, but flip the sucker over and you get the basics of a numpad, page navigation, and quick access music controls.

Michael Kwan

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