WiFi Tablet PC Designed for Medical Professionals Saves Time, Money


image_20929_largeimagefile WiFi Tablet PC Designed for Medical Professionals Saves Time, MoneyThe latest innovation from Motion Computing is a Tablet PC for medical professionals aimed at saving time, effort, and money. They project that it can save doctors and nurses from as much as 60 minutes of paperwork per day.

The Intel and Motion Computing folks spent a full 18 months observing and gathering feedback from doctors, nurses, and clinicians. That homework is evident in the presentation and the features list.

The C5 is a Vista- or XP-powered portable PC that is filled with medicine-friendly features, among them a barcode scanner, RFID reader, digital camera, and 802.11 wireless connectivity. All of these things make it a solid alternative to the deskwork and paperwork that fill so much of doctors’ and nurses’ days. It is also, most importantly, disinfectable.

The guts of the matter are an Intel Core Solo U1400 processor, a 10.4-inch touchscreen, up to 60GB hard drive, and even Bluetooth. AIt weighs just 3 pounds and has a top-mounted handle for easy transport. All of this together will set you back US$2,199, which we’re guessing isn’t a whole lot when you start to factor in the hassles you’ll avoid. Do keep in mind, though, that the battery life is only four hours at most.

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