Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player Swims With You


image_20909_largeimagefile Dolphin Waterproof MP3 Player Swims With YouReady to take a dip in the pool but can’t stand to leave your Bette Midler collection behind? For times like those, there is the Dolphin MP3 player, a completely waterproof musical solution. Sure, it doesn’t have loads of storage (just 1GB) or an incredibly feature-packed interface (no display in sight, in fact), but what other player can say that it accompany you on your SCUBA adventure?

A single charge will give you eight hours of wet entertainment, whereas the in-ear headphones should keep the H20 out of your head. The Dolphin certainly isn’t the cheapest 1GB MP3 player on the market at US$108, but that’s the price you pay to be styling while diving. Available through Century Direct.

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