Video Demo of Yet Another iPhone Clone


image_20970_largeimagefile Video Demo of Yet Another iPhone CloneWhen it comes to nearly any fashionable touchscreen phone these days, you can’t help but draw comparisons with the Apple iPhone. Such is the case today with the Neonode N2. In some ways, you could even say that the Neonode N2 more closely resembles what an iPhone nano would look like in that it appears to be more compact. It just needs to be thinner.

The two-inch touchscreen doesn’t seem to have the multi-touch functionality of Apple’s number, but it does seem to have some interesting interface things, like opening menus by sliding your thumb upwards from the bottom of the screen, or scrolling your view by sliding across the display. Other than this touchscreen-ness, however, the Neonode doesn’t have anything all that special. The other specs include a miniSD expansion slot, EDGE data, Bluetooth, quad-band GSM radios, and landscape video watching.

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