Video: nVidia Graphic Mobile Interface in Action


image_21012_largeimagefile Video: nVidia Graphic Mobile Interface in ActionnVidia may not make any cell phones of their own, but the interface that they have created should be highly sought after. It’s silky smooth and — dare I say — maybe even Apple iPhone-like. In the video which you can view below, we’ll see a user scan through the various menu items on a rolling conveyor belt, jumping into a samurai-themed fighting game, a photo slideshow, and other multimedia content that every mobile phone should have these days. The 3D windows and fun animations will be reminiscent of Windows Vista’s aero effects.

In addition to the cool 3D-ness found within, the demo will also show off Flash 2D. There’s even different skins to enjoy. This is a far cry even from the images we found last week of the nVidia GoForce 6100.

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