Hyundai to Crossover to Geneva with New Concept


One of the biggest buzzwords in the automotive industry these days is “crossover“, which just about every automaker releasing some sort of SUV-like vehicle with a car-based platform. They haven’t released any official photos of it yet, but Hyundai was happy to provide the public with a stylized teaser sketch of their upcoming crossover vehicle, to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month. They say that this new, yet unnamed vehicle will be constructed using “advanced materials from its co-operation partner GE Plastics.”

Although Hyundai is a Korea-based company, this creation was dreamed up by their designers at Hyundai. Maybe that’s why it has certain elements that may remind you of Citroen, Peugeot, or maybe even a German marque or two. They also note that this SUV is “environmentally friendly” and that it “offers outstanding results in computer-animated pedestrian safety tests.” I guess that long sloping hood and windshield have a lot to do with that.

image_21052_superimage Hyundai to Crossover to Geneva with New Concept

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