General Motors Interested in Buying Chrysler Group


Uh oh, the whole idea of the “big three” is really getting thrown out the window. According to Automotive News, DaimlerChrysler is in serious negotiations with General Motors about selling off the Chrysler Group in its entirety. No alliance, no partnership, no merger. Just a straight up purchase. I guess Dr. Z hasn’t been all that pleased with Chrysler’s performance as of late, as the Group lost $1.3 billion in 2006. The Daimler side of things, however, remains profitable.

If it were to go through, General Motors would add three more brands to its ever-expanding library of badges. In addition to Chrysler itself (the 300C you see could fall under the GM umbrella sooner than you think), GM would also gain ownership of Dodge and Jeep. Nothing’s been confirmed just yet, of course, but DCX did go on the record to say that “no option is being excluded in the interest of arriving at the best possible solution for the Chrysler Group and DaimlerChrysler as a whole.”

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