Video: Pretec USB Flash Drive Survives .357 Magnum Gunshot


I guess USB flash drives are suffering a lot more abuse than they used to, we had the “unbreakable” custom made drive the other day, and now Pretec is marketing their round thumb drive as “bulletproof”. Tietokone of Finland put this “bulletproof” claim to the test and proceeded to literally fire away at the Pretec drive. Let’s just say, that little chunk of data storage is pretty darn tough.

Now, my Finnish is a little rusty (okay, it’s pretty much non-existent beyond Helsinki, Nokia, and Selanne), so you’ll have to excuse me as I cannot translate the video embedded below. What I can tell you is that the round flash drive “shrugged off a .357 Magnum with no problems.” It took a .44 to dent it, but when they took at .500 to it, the drive pretty much “disintegrated.”

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