Peapod Hooks Kids into MP3s Before They’re Out of Diapers

Peapod Hooks Kids into MP3s Before They’re Out of Diapers


image_21117_largeimagefile Peapod Hooks Kids into MP3s Before They're Out of DiapersGet them hooked while they’re young. The strategy of the good ole boys in the tobacco industry from several ago, it worked for them, so why not try it in other markets. And today we have the emergence of products like the Peapod. This is an ultra basic music player that borrows half of its name from a certain electronic device from a company based in Cupertino.

Go ahead and dangle the Peapod above the crib and get that young’n addicted to tunes. You can’t expect the baby to toss on a set of ear buds, of course, and that’s why the Peapod comes with “a safe speaker design.” They didn’t say how much storage this thing rocks, but they did mention that it’ll be enough for up to two hours of music “or stories.” And you know how infants like putting things in their mouths? Well, the “robust rubber over molded design can double up as a pacifier too.” Yummy.

We’re expecting the Peapod MP3 player — which gets 40 hours of life on a single AA battery — to start shipping in May.

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