Business Card Scanner For Your Pocket


image_21093_largeimagefile Business Card Scanner For Your PocketIn this technological day and age, I don’t know very many people that actually refer to a Rolodex full of business cards to get the appropriate contact information. Then again, manually entering that information into Outlook can be a bit of a pain in the you-know-what. NewSoft is making the whole process a heck of a lot easier with the NewSoft Biz Card Reader. Just plunk in the business card of your newly acquired contact and it will automatically put their info “into their correct fields while you sit back and watch it do its magic.”

It won’t take up much real estate on your desk. In fact, this portable card reader is small enough that you’ll probably want to pack it into your daily attache case, in case you stumble across a potential new client. Simple and straightforward, just the way I like it.

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