Bookshelf Stereo Adds SD, USB, Rips CDs


image_21099_largeimagefile Bookshelf Stereo Adds SD, USB, Rips CDsThis mini stereo system from Japan’s KFE has your everyday AM/FM radio and CD player, speakers and headphone jack, and its not too shabby looking for a compact stereo. However, to make it worth the shelf space in your local Ghenzing Electronics Superstore, they’ve tossed in an SD slot and USB. Basically, it allows you to rip audio CDs to your SD or USB drive, the downside, it only supports 1GB SD cards, but that’s still quite a few.

The product name is the EXEMODE CDR-300. Despite its rather bland color and its executable-sounding name, this stereo system provides a good mix of old and new tech and has an attractive price of US$90. We’re not sure when this product is going to hit store shelves and in what countries; but with that kind of low price, Walmart is sure to grab a few thousand.

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