DataWind PocketSurfer 2 is World’s Fastest Handheld


image_21160_largeimagefile DataWind PocketSurfer 2 is World's Fastest HandheldIf you’re the type that needs to surf the web in a hurry but can’t be tied down to any particular location, then you may want to take a nice long look at the world’s fastest handheld internet device. The DataWind PocketSurfer 2 sports a pretty attractive-looking design to start with, boasting what appear to be touch-sensitive keys that disappear behind the glossy black casing when not in use. They say that it only takes 7- 9 seconds to download each web page (I’d imagine loading an image-heavy page would take a touch longer), and then it displays said page “in their original layout.”

The keyboard is apparently a full QWERTY number, though we can’t see it in this photo. The rest of the details — like processor, wireless radios, and so on — are still a little sketchy, but DataWind is so confident in this machine that if your PDA or other handheld downloads a webpage faster than the PocketSurfer 2, they’ll give you one for free. If you happen to be at 3GSM, that is.

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