Video: Unbreakable Flash Drive

Go ahead and drive over it with a big honking SUV. Dip into the deepest swimming pool. They’re saying that you simply cannot hurt this USB Flash Drive, as it is virtually indestructible. When then, you might ask, does it come with a protective case? Maybe even if it’s indestructible, you want to maintain somewhat of a svelte appearance. Built to be tough, but not necessarily ugly, right?

Among the “proofs” and “antis” to its name are waterproof, anti-shock, and anti-static. Based on the video which you can watch below, it can quite easily survive up to 2,000 pounds of pressure. All this toughness comes at a price that can be a little tough to swallow, though, as the 1GB and 2GB models cost a cool $197 and $247, respectively.

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