Samsung SGH-P110 Flips, Rotates, Comes Up Short


image_21206_largeimagefile Samsung SGH-P110 Flips, Rotates, Comes Up ShortEveryone’s favorite Korean cell phone maker is making waves over in Barcelona with this innovative cell phone. The SGH-P110 has an automatic switching display that can flip up like a regular clamshell, but it can also rotate around to give you a 90-degree viewing angle. Howdy do, Samsung, howdy do.

It’s got a full QWERTY keyboard so that you’ll have no problem with text messages and mobile email, and the Stereo Bluetooth A2DP lets you jam to your music without wires. Strangely though, there is no memory card slot in sight, and the on-board camera is a measly VGA unit. Why toss such sub-par features into a revolutionary new design? Following in the mediocrity is a lack of 3G or WiFi, opting only for tri-band (900/1800/1900) GSM/GPRS with EDGE. Oh, and that music player won’t do you much good, considering that the P110 has only got 25MB of user memory.

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