Samsung i520: Smartphone in a Stylish Slider Form


image_21239_largeimagefile Samsung i520: Smartphone in a Stylish Slider FormIt may not have a full QWERTY keyboard, the Samsung i520 unveiled at 3GSM in Barcelona is probably one of the most attractive smartphones you’ll come across in some time. It’s pretty typical Samsung in many ways, including a slim profile (17.9mm), a lightweight design (99 grams), and that lovely slider form factor. Powered by Symbian OS 9.2 (S60 3rd Edition Feature Package spec 1), the Samsung i520 comes equipped with high-speed HSDPA data access for exchanges as expedient s 1.8Mbps.

The “sophisticated touch-sensitive key pad” is paired with a 2 megapixel camera, a 2.3-inch widescreen, and Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR. Naturally, it’s quite good for surfing the web as well, because it can “show the entire internet page, similar to a regular PC view.” No word on pricing, but it appears to be Europe only for the time being, sporting a Vodafone customized user interface.

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