Windows Mobile 6 Full-On Video


image_21270_largeimagefile Windows Mobile 6 Full-On VideoAnxiously awaiting what Windows Mobile 6 — codenamed Crossbow during development — looks and acts like? Luckily for you, we came across this video that demos the new operating system, fresh off of the 3GSM World Congress floor. Users of Windows Mobile 5 will know that Microsoft has their hands (and feet) in a wide range of devices, and smartphones are no different. We fully expect a few different versions, depending on whether the handheld has a touchscreen, what kind of connectivity options it has, and so on.

It’s a pretty lengthy video (over seven minutes), but it is also fairly thorough. It goes through such things as the new phonebook features, which automatically starts searching for matching contacts when you start punching in numbers and/or letter combinations. The intelligent searching also applies to emails (with table support, hyperlinks, font colors, etc).

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