Video Preview: MobiBLU D5 Portable Media Player

Below you will find a pretty in-depth video featuring the nice and tiny D5 portable MP3/video player from the folks at MobiBLU. This thing can handle music, videos, text files, pictures, and a whole slew of other goodies, so you’ll surely be entertained while on the go. On the downside, the memory maxes out at a mere 4GB (1GB and 2GB models are also available), so you won’t have all that much space for video content.

Take a gander at the fairly intuitive (and attractive) menu system, the orange backlit navigator, and that shiny chrome bezel for just a little more sizzle. Other key features include the 2-inch screen (262k color), FM tuner, and voice recording, all in a 51 gram package. No word on American availability or pricing.

Michael Kwan

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