Storage-Hungry Digital Devices Get Fed SanDisk 8GB iNAND Flash Drive

We ask for more storage. We beg for more space. We receive the love from the folks at SanDisk. The company has just introduced their new 8GB JEDEC-Compatible iNAND embedded flash drive. Designed for the “latest storage-hungry mobile applications”, the iNAND (not to be confused with the plethora of products designed by or for Apple) “is a reliable, high-capacity and high-performance NAND flash storage device.”

Now that it comes with JEDEC JC-64.1 package and ball-out compatibility, the iNAND can more easily integrate itself into mobile devices “using this common standard.” Applications will likely include smartphones, portable media players, gaming, GPS handhelds, and PDAs. Manufacturers interested in testing out this high-capacity memory solution can get their hands on some sample units now, but mass production isn’t planned until Q3 2007.

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