Portable Fax Machine Connects Via GSM


image_21315_largeimagefile Portable Fax Machine Connects Via GSMAre you the kind of person that works out of your car? Then you’ll surely appreciate the Possio GRETA GSM Portable Fax & Printer. It apparently latches onto GSM networks and collects those wonderful sales invoices, purchase orders, and safety waivers that you need while on the go. In addition to fax duties — both incoming and outgoing — the GRETA can also do printing, scanning, copying, and even regular voice calls. You’ll probably need to connect it to your laptop or PDA via USB though.

Possio is apparently already well established in Europe and the Middle East, but they hope to expand their business further in North and South America. Well, with unique devices like the GRETA portable fax machine, they shouldn’t have too much trouble making a name for themselves. Shipping is expected to start in June, but you can get an early look at GRETA if you happen to be out 3GSM way.

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