Nokia N77 Candybar Puts Mobile TV First


image_21275_largeimagefile Nokia N77 Candybar Puts Mobile TV FirstNokia went for a short trip over to the 3GSM World Congress, unveiling their all new N77 mobile TV phone. When not showing the latest football game, the Nokia N77 looks like any other candybar. Turn it on its side and fire up the TV tuner, however, and you’ve got yourself some great video on the go. And it’ll be in landscape too.

The Nokia N77 gets its mobile TV via DVB-H technology, giving you quick access via a dedicated TV key. The “powerful internal antenna” ensures that you get a nice strong signal without having an unsightly metal pole sticking out the side. The display measures 2.4-inches, the camera is a two-megapixel, and there’s 2GB of memory in there too. That last bit is so you can do the whole “pause live TV” dance (for up to 30 seconds).

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