Video Demo: Video on an Optimus Mini Three


image_21430_largeimagefile Video Demo: Video on an Optimus Mini ThreeIt’s tiny, but those three animated buttons can do more than just GIF files. You can play videos on the Optimus Mini Three, yes you can. In case you didn’t catch it the first time around, the Optimus Mini Three is basically a touchpad that you can attach to your computer that dynamically gives you access to three different applications. Each of these buttons doubles as a sort of display, so that the image on it is about as appropriate as it gets.

Sure, the resolution on here certainly won’t be able to beat your newly acquired 1080p plasma, but there’s no reason to believe why you can’t have three videos going on simultaneously (too bad there’s no sound). In the demonstration video below, Scott Hanselman shows us how he has the Optimus Mini Three set up to show us a video of a plane landing on a runway.

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