Portable Kitchen Lets You Cook Anywhere

image_21409_largeimagefile Portable Kitchen Lets You Cook AnywhereWhen you hit the road, one of the things you start to miss after a while is a nice home-cooked meal. Eating out at restaurants all the time, no matter how fancy or how fast, just isn’t the same as what dear old mom can prepare at home. Now you can take an entire kitchen with you, sort of, with the Transportable Kitchenette developed by Aurelien Banerjee and Olivier Picard. Although the mobile cuisinette — as it is also known — would probably be “a great toy for tailgate parties”, this portable kitchen is designed to “bring easier logistical support to volunteer organizations.”

For this single fold-up station, you can not only prepare and cook your food, there’s also a place to do all the appropriate clean-up afterwards too. If you’re wondering where the power comes from for this munchie-maker, it gets its juice from a single electrical plug. You’ll have to provide your own water for the clean-up, I guess. We’re not sure if the Transportable Kitchenette will ever see retail stores. Someone like the French Federation of Food Banks would be a more likely candidate for receiving something like this.

Michael Kwan

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