Rainproof Backpack Perfect for Notebook, Gadgets

Rainproof Backpack Perfect for Notebook, Gadgets


image_21583_largeimagefile Rainproof Backpack Perfect for Notebook, GadgetsTalk about taking your show on the road. The Velocity Pro Spyder is a fully functional backpack that has a place for every single gadget you own, including your notebook.

The notebook sleeve is equipped with deluxe padding and can hold up to 17-inch notebooks. That’s just the beginning, though, the backpack also has four main compartments for your PDA, MP3 player, and mobile phone. Each of those compartments has a combination lock, in case you let this backpack out of your sight for a couple minutes. Nestled in one of the subcompartments is a removable mobile phone/MP3 case.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature is one you would find in a backpack earmarked for a picnic: an inner lining that keeps cool things cool. (You can also assume that it keeps hot things hot. Maybe you can take a piece of pizza to work with you.)

You’ll also appreciate the outside, which is made of a rainproof scuba suit-like material.

The Velocity Pro Spyder is a bit pricey, at US$135.

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