Cradlepoint Cellular Travel Router: Compact and Wireless


image_21548_largeimagefile Cradlepoint Cellular Travel Router: Compact and WirelessI haven’t heard of Cradlepoint prior to this product, but this nifty little gadget floating around the old FCC offices is something that certainly caught our eye. After all, it’s a cellular travel router that lets you create an Internet-capable WiFi network anywhere you go. Sure, you could take the easy route and set up a standard wired-WAN connection via the Ethernet jack. That’s fine and dandy for when you’re at your hotel room and they offer you free web.

Where this device really shines, however, is when you tether your high-speed cell phone (or USB Modem) to the Cellular Travel Router (CTR) and let it establish a WiFi network that way, making use of the speedy-ish connection your presumably 3G (or at least 2.5G) handset provides. They remind you that you need some sort of data plan to proceed, but of course, you already knew that. You then proceed to set up your WiFi network as usual, sharing that web connection with those in your immediate vicinity.

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