D-Link Wireless Access Point Disguised as Smoke Detector


image_21670_largeimagefile D-Link Wireless Access Point Disguised as Smoke DetectorAfter a while, you lose a bit of interest in the actual technical specifications of things because they all start to sound kind of the same. Where you can set yourself apart from the competition, however, is by creating nifty new designs that no one (or very few people) thought of before, at least for your particular gadget. Such is the case with the Air Premier Wireless Access Point from D-Link. This WiFi-enabled router looks more like a home smoke detector than a piece of Internet-providing gadgetry, more easily blending into your home, perhaps, than a boring grey rectangle.

The D-Link DWL-3260AP (the AP stands for Access Point, natch) is quite the design departure from the usual box we’ve come to associate with D-Link WiFi products. Like I said, though, in terms of features and specs, it probably does the same sort of thing that its more conventional-looking cousins do. In any case, it’s been approved by the FCC and will supply you with 802.11b/g goodness, so look for it at an electronics retailer near you (presumably) some time soon.

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