Early Cancellation Fees Get Huge Hikes at Fido and Rogers


I guess they’re getting ready for this whole number portability thing in Canada, and this isn’t the type of announcement that is accompanied by a whole press release brew-ha-ha. Turns out that Fido and Rogers are increasing the maximum Early Cancellation Fee to a very hefty $400. This should only apply to new customers with new contracts, but they could throw in one of those “changes to your user agreement” curveballs to affect current clients as well.

Basically, you have to pay $20 per month left on your contract. That part of the picture remains unchanged.

If you thought a $400 maximum ($100 minimum) scenario was bad, you might not want to sign up with Telus Mobility or Bell Mobility either, as they have opted for a “No Maximum/No Mercy” ECF policy. Trying to slink yourself out with 36 months left? That’s $720! Ouch!

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