Visual Voicemail Hits Vista-Powered PCs


image_21814_largeimagefile Visual Voicemail Hits Vista-Powered PCsApple and Cingular aren’t the only folks to rock Visual Voicemail. We heard just last week that Callwave shot out iPhone-like Visual Voicemail widgets for use with the Apple Dashboard and Yahoo! Widgets, but now that Windows Vista is out and about, Callwave wants to show Microsoft a little Visual Voicemail love of their own. And it’s absolutely free, “enabling users to see and hear their mobile phone voicemail messages right on their PC.”

Like the Apple and Yahoo! versions announced last week, the Vista-fied widget should be compatible with a wide range of nationwide providers, including Cingular, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Get the free download from Callwave’s website.

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