Stun Gun Pen Blasts 800,000 Volts Into Assailants

This looks like a normal pen, but it is anything but normal. It’s the Lightning Rod Stun Pen, and it can take the place of pepper spray in scaring and intimidating anyone who tries to harm you.

The Stun Pen, which can shoot out 800,000 volts, is just 6 inches long and hides easily in a purse or pocket. It is that giant voltage, though, that makes the product all the more desirable. It’s also a standard flashlight.

Because the pen puts out so much energy, it has a powerful three-stage safety process, including a protective cap, a safety switch, and a trigger.

You can get one for just US$35, if its not illegal where you live.

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  1. Andrew Rourke says:

    I got the shock of your life to find out the price of this thing. Jeez… $35 for that much of a deadly device. Strap a few together and lightening storm your enemies!

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