Skullcandy Backpack with Speakers in Shoulder Straps

This backpack has big-range speakers ensconced in the upper straps. Just link your connector cord in there, hook up an MP3 player and your tunes will be blasting out your shoulders for the whole world ahead of you to hear in no time. Nothing like sharing your music.

Even more interesting are the adapters that let you hook up your mobile phone, letting the whole world ahead of you hear your phone conversation, at least what the person is saying to you. Unless you’re shouting, the crowd won’t hear what you’re saying in response.

Volume control, music menu, and even answering the phone are embedded in the straps, for ease of use. A total of 4AA batteries power the electronic functions. Presumably, the backpack by itself needs no power.

The Skullcandy LINK will run you US$129.95.

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