Seagate Unveils the Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE)

Next in line in producing a Wi-Fi hard drive that you can carry in your pocket (following the lead of BluOnyx) is Seagate, which unveiled the Digital Audio Video Experience (D.A.V.E.). The super-slim 2.5-ounce drive, the size of a credit card, comes in 10GB and 20GB flavors and sports a USB port, which is your portal for all kinds of on-the-go data transfers between devices, mobile phones and anything else you can imagine.

The D.A.V.E. is Bluetooth-enabled and, best of all, has Wi-Fi connectivity, meaning that you can use it as a modem if you’re strapped for Internet access. Battery life is a continuous 10 hours.

This tiny yet powerful hard drive will be available beginning in May. Base price is to be US$179.

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