Okwap Smartphone Sports iPod-esque Virtual Click Wheel


image_21819_largeimagefile Okwap Smartphone Sports iPod-esque Virtual Click WheelOn the surface, the OKWAP S868 may look like any other smartphone with a nice large color screen, but that otherwise nondescript keypad hides a virtual click wheel. Simply run your thumb over it like how you would on your iPod (Apple is calling their lawyers just as they read this) and you’ll cycle through the menu in one silky, smooth action. Smooth, like the rounded corners on this somewhat bulky but thoroughly fashionable smartphone.

Powered by an Intel PXA270 416Mhz processor, the OKWAP S868 comes packed with 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, SD/MMC expansion slot, Bluetooth, GPRS, and infrared. Naturally, it’s got some sort of Asian language support, but unfortunately appears to be a dual-band (900/1800) unit only. Look for it next month for an estimated street price of $US470.

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