Fujitsu F703i Thin Flip Phone Takes a Bath


image_21808_largeimagefile Fujitsu F703i Thin Flip Phone Takes a BathSamsung may think that they’re super sexy with their uber thin cell phones, but Fujitsu has something that they don’t: a hot model lying in a bathtub with their new F703i, which they claim to be the world’s thinnest waterproof cell phone. Measuring just 17.9mm thick, this clamshell is “stylish and compact” and will be able survive a dip of 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes at a time. Any longer and it’ll get that shriveled raisin finger effect… or something.

With all this waterproof-ness, it means that if you happen to drop the F703i in the dirt or spill your dinner on it, you can just as easily walk over to the kitchen sink and give it a good rinse off. Technical specs were not released, but we do know that the Fujitsu F703i waterproof phone will be available through NTT DoCoMo next month. In the future, Fujitsu hopes to shave a few extra millimeters off the handset’s girth, possibly bringing that figure down as low as 11mm.

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