Duke Nukem 3D on a Nokia N73 (Video)


image_21811_largeimagefile Duke Nukem 3D on a Nokia N73 (Video)Everyone talks about running Doom on a variety of devices, but what about our good friend Nukem? Well, here is Duke Nukem 3D running at full-speed with audio on a Nokia N73. Nokia wasn’t kidding when they said that their N-series were not “just cell phones”, but full-on “multimedia computers.” Fragging baddies with big ass guns is certainly a lot more entertaining than the ideas of munching on pixels as a snake.

Then again, commenters have mentioned that this is not as impressive a feat as it seems at face value. In fact, according to “simond10”, he was able to run the same game at full speed on his “3 year old tmobile sda (windows mobile).” And here I am still stuck with crappy Java games.

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