LG SV260 slim clamshell gushes with (T) style


image_21925_largeimagefile LG SV260 slim clamshell gushes with (T) styleIn case you didn’t know, LG knows more about fashion than just the Chocolate. Take, for example, the newly announced SV260 slick flip phone. On the outside, it takes on an incredibly minimalist approach with what appears to be brushed aluminum and nary, and an external display. The stylish metal casing hides a 2.0-inch QVGA display on the inside, as well as an integrated music player for listening to whatever you fancy.

On the outside, you’ll find a decent, albeit not earth-shattering, 1.3 megapixel camera (with flash) and a rather prominent etching on the backside that reads “T Style.” Stylish, light (196grams), and thin (94.5 x 47.4 x 17.65mm), the LG SV260 is probably Korea-only, but we can’t say for certain. No word on pricing either.

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