Hello Kitty sings a song, takes a seat

I wouldn’t be caught dead waltzing down the street with this overly pink number, but I’d imagine the Hello Kitty MP3 player and speaker dock would make excellent gifts for my little cousin. She’s really into pink, and well, what little girl doesn’t like Hello Kitty?

Developed and marketed by Spectra, the Hello Kitty MP3 player is a little anemic on the storage side of things (just 128MB), despite what the cat’s chubby face may lead you to believe. On the plus side, she’ll double as a USB flash drive for stashing and transporting all those important documents that 8-year-old girls carry with them: banking statements, term papers… you know, the usual. It’s even got a SD/MMC expansion slot.

The Hello Kitty MP3 player and the accompanying speaker dock (with its 2″ full-range speakers) are available now through Best Buy for $50 and $20, respectively.

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