Boston Power Batteries for Notebooks Triple Lifetime, Charge in 60 Minutes

Boston-Power has come out with a lithium-ion battery for notebooks that improves existing technology dramatically.

Among the enhancements of this startup company’s release are a faster charge time and a lifespan 300 percent higher than today’s standard batteries. You’ll get 1,000 charges and discharges before the cell begins to decay. Unless you’re into heavy-duty testing of software or just like to install every Windows upgrade that comes along, that should be enough to last you the lifetime of your notebook.

The Sonata battery will charge fully in just one hour, with an 80 percent charge being achieved in just a half hour. That’s twice as fast as existing models.

They have Six Sigma-level manufacturing operations in Shenzhen, China already, and one more set to open soon. No exact date on when those factories will begin pumping these babies out. Regardless where they are made, BP’s technology is “safer” then existing Li-ion’s out there.

Boston-Power unveiled the anticipated Sonata at the Demo conference in Palm Springs.

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