Start your engines! MOTORAZR MAXX V6 Ferrari Edition


image_22024_largeimagefile Start your engines! MOTORAZR MAXX V6 Ferrari EditionIt’s not the usual new paintjob that Motorola gives to their phones; it’s something much better. The world’s second largest phonemaker has decided to outfit the already svelte MOTORAZR MAXX with a little Italian love, unleashing the V6 Ferrari Challenge Limited Edition. The horse emblem features quite prominently on the front glass cover, and the “rumble of the motor of the Ferrari F1 accompanies the ignition and extinction of the telephone.” In other words, those are the start-up and shut-down sounds. I guess the race car peeling around the corners could be used as a ringtone too.

In terms of technical specs, it sounds a lot like a regular MOTORAZR MAXX in that the 3G clamshell has got a VGA camera in the front for video calls, a 2MP primary cam for picture- and video-taking, 50MB of internal memory, microSD expansion, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, USB 2.0, OTA synching, and — of course — that lovely HSDPA high-speed data. Expected price is the 490 Euro (US$632) range.

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