Microsoft Windows Mobile 6: Standard, Professional, and Classic


image_22008_largeimagefile Microsoft Windows Mobile 6: Standard, Professional, and ClassicJust as there are multiple versions of Windows XP (and Vista) for your home PC, there are several variations to the handheld version. As we anxiously await the official launch of Windows Mobile 6 — codenamed Crossbow during development — we must get used to the new naming conventions that Billy Gates and his buddies came up with to replace what they used with WinMo5.

There will be (at least) three versions of Windows Mobile 6, all of which come with rather generic taglines. What was once known as Smartphone (for touchscreen-less handsets) will become “Standard”, “Professional” takes over the duties of Pocket PC Phone Edition, and Pocket PC (i.e., the telephony-less wonders) will be transformed into “Classic”. ‘Cause, you know, PDAs without phone radio are getting a little dated.

Did you catch all that? Well, you’re gonna have to if you want to get in on the next-generation of Windows Mobile computing.

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