Video demo: Attaching a keyboard to a PSP


image_22147_largeimagefile Video demo: Attaching a keyboard to a PSPSo, you’ve managed to get your hands on a Sony PSP, and what’s more, you want to jump right into the whole homebrew scene to unleash everything that this slick black puppy is capable of. You find yourself a great IM app or one that lets you browse the web, but what a pain in the butt it is to enter text! Fear not, avid homebrewer, because you can connect your PSP to a full QWERTY keyboard!

How, you may ask? Well, according to pspupdates, you just get a Palm(One) Universal Wireless Keyboard, plunk your PSP into it (and sync it via IrDA), and away you go. Right now, it only works in a basic Notepad app, and the txt files (saved onto your Memory Stick PRO Duo) cannot exceed 4KB, but QWERTY keyboard-powered instant messaging can’t be far behind.

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