Ride a bicycle, charge a phone

We saw the Motorola pedal charger at CES earlier this month, but now we can finally get a little bit of a closer look at what the dock actually looks like. To recap, the Motorola dock for bicycles translates your pedal power into usable energy for your cell phone. Sort of like that bike that you pedal to illuminate a lightbulb.

Designed for developing countries where access to electricity may a little scarce, the mobile charger will ensure that you can stay connected and in touch with the world around you, even if you can’t find a wall outlet. This catering to developing countries is furthered by the fact that they used the uber entry-level MOTOFONE as the demo handset. I imagine that it wouldn’t take much to do the same sort of thing for a portable GPS: Handy for those long bike trips where you may lose your way.

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