Olympus FE-250 with ISO 10,000

Olympus FE-250 with ISO 10,000


In order to capture enough light to produce a usable photograph, you have four variables that you can adjust: Lighting, aperture size, shutter speed, and film speed, the last of which you probably know better as the ISO rating. The higher this number, the greater ability the camera has to take pictures in low light conditions (without blur), but the higher you go, the worse the quality may become. Nonetheless, Olympus has just created the FE-250, a digital camera that otherwise operates at 8 megapixels, but dial that count down to 3 megapixels and you can enjoy ISO 10,000. Yes, ten thousand. Naturally, “there may be some sacrifice in quality involved.”

The rest of the features read as thus: 2.5-inch preview LCD, 3x optical zoom, VGA video mode at up to 30fps, BrightCapture Technology to avoid blurred photos, 15 scene modes, xD Picture Card expansion, Super Macro modes, and 20MB of internal memory. Price has been estimated at £200 (US$395) for the Olympus FE-250, with an expected shipping date some time in February.

image_22138_superimage Olympus FE-250 with ISO 10,000

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