More GPS sneakers for concerned parents


Whereas the GPS shoes by Sayo Isaac Daniel were marketed more as anti-adultery measures, these sneakers are taking on a different direction altogether. Created by GTX Corp, the Xplorer line of Smart GPS shoes contain a small GPS tracking device so that parents can know exactly where their children are at any time. What’s more, you can set up a virtual defined boundary area, so to speak, so that when the shoes (and the children attached to them) wander beyond this area, you will receive an SMS message on your cell phone. GeoFencing, they call it.

Naturally, these shoes need batteries in order to broadcast their position. I’m assuming the cells involved are rechargeable, with GTX claiming a life of “several days”. They plan on showing off this “I know where you are” footwear at the World Shoe Association (WSA) trade show in Las Vegas. Not quite as sexy as CES, but what can you do. More info on the GTX website.

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