Widescreen Touch iPod rumours


image_22145_largeimagefile Widescreen Touch iPod rumoursJust when you thought the whole Apple iPhone rumor mill had run dry, we have another tidbit for you to munch on. Word on the street is that Steve Jobs is going to announce a new Widescreen Touch iPod at Super Bowl XLI. In other words, this would be the iPhone, except without the phone part of it. Or the WiFi. It’ll probably still have that accelerometer though, so that it orients the image appropriately based on whether you are holding the yet unnamed video iPod (6G?) in portrait or landscape mode. Although the provided image is that of a virtual click wheel, I have no reason to believe that it won’t have the same (or similar) multi-touch interface as the iPhone too.

What’s more, this new touchscreen iPod will not be just any old Apple device. They say that it might even be a “Beatles Edition” unit, perhaps preloaded with some Brit pop content (celebrating the group’s addition to iTunes, perhaps?). And if you think that Apple making a huge announcement at a football game is completely out of the ordinary, let us remind you of their 1984 ad spot that ushered in the Mac.

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