Polymer Vision rolls out with world’s first rollable display production facility


image_22206_largeimagefile Polymer Vision rolls out with world's first rollable display production facilityFlexible displays are set to be a rather prominent phenomenon over the next few years. So flexible, in fact, that you can literally roll them up and put them in the corner. Polymer Vision has teamed up with Innos of the UK to establish the world’s first production facility for organic semiconductor based rollable displays. It’s all fine and dandy for people to come up with prototypes, but we’ll never see any significant level of market penetration until rollable displays literally roll off huge assembly lines. With this new production facility, that just may soon become the case.

Polymer Vision is happily ensconced in the rollable and flexible display game, whereas Innos brings a wealth of experience in semiconductor processing and manufacturing equipment. By combining their expertise, the team hopes to “bring this next generation of technology to the mass market”, particularly for use with mobile devices.

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