SQ memory card has contacts on all four sides


image_22271_largeimagefile SQ memory card has contacts on all four sidesIt’s not CompactFlash. It’s not Secure Digital. It’s not even a conventional USB Flash drive. What we have here today is almost a completely novel creation altogether as the SQ memory card comes with contact pads on all four sides, giving it a “life expectancy… 4 times longer than other memory cards.” Too bad there aren’t any devices out there right now that take this format, though there is the ShareCard accessory which effectively transforms the memory card into a slim thumb drive.

What’s more, the company promises data speeds that are twice that of other flash memory cards. Although no exact dimensions are given, you can probably get a pretty good guess-timate on its size based on the SQ card’s relative footprint next to the USB connector on the ShareCard. No word on pricing or availability, but I’d assume the former would be in line with high-speed SD cards and the latter would be “soon.”

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